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Data Privacy Compliance as a Service

Real-time extraction, monitoring and remediation of data and privacy risk

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Manage data security & risk across your entire stack

From your web applications to codebase

Website / Apps - Zendata

Website / Apps

Your customer-facing assets where the data collection/shaping occurs

Devices / Databases - Zendata

Devices / Databases

When the information is stored

Codebase - Zendata


Source code with data flows and third-party components

Privacy is a growing concern

Fines - Zendata


All indicators point to continued increase in enforcement

Indicators - Zendata
Breaches - Zendata


28% of breaches are at SMB’s

Threat - Zendata
Concern - Zendata


Customer concerns about data has grown exponentially since the pandemic

Data protected - Zendata

Privacy Compliance Software: Built to act as a bridge between compliance and engineering teams

Data protection - Zendata

Data protection

Simple, effective cloud data protection

Machine Learning - Zendata

Machine Learning

Machine learning based critical remediation

Embedded privacy - Zendata


Embedded privacy APIs in SDLC

Zendata - APIs, Machine Learning, Rules Engine, Open Sourse Libraries

Put your customers privacy concerns at ease* and comply with regulations

Failure to meet requirements - Zendata

Failure to meet requirements

79% of organization are failing to meet the GDPR’s requirements

Ignorance - Zendata


29% don’t consider themselves knowledgeable about the GDPR regulation

Non-compiance - Zendata


Just in the EU, 23 million businesses are non-compliant (~30% of total bisinesses)

Myth & Reality - Zendata

*Privacy First Badge and Score

Boost customer conversions by upto 2-3x via Trust and Privacy Preservation

Proprietary Privacy Score - Zendata

Don't get left behind


Of the world will have personal info covered under primary regulations by 2023


By 2023, 1 million+ Organizations will have privacy officers.