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Get started with Zero engineering effort

Setting up the tool is easy with an intuitive visual interface. Get accurate and fast results and continuous coverage across all your websites/apps.

Find and fix business-critical data vulnerabilities with high financial exposure

Our tool deepscans your entire website/apps to identify potential privacy issues.

Stay Compliant With Global and Local Regulations

See what users across the globe see by enabling easy-to-use visibility and asset monitoring tools in the interactive dashboard

Transparent and Customizable Coverage

Control the scope of your monitoring (landing page vs. entire website), user regions (we take care of mimicking users from different device types and regions), how often you want the scan to take place.

Empowering Privacy Defenders

Privacy and laws associated with them are complex and tricky to navigate, but it's part of everyone's job. With the right knowledge, you can do your part to make your web apps and internet-facing assets safe while keeping essential user information is protected while minimizing regulatory risk.

Why should you care?

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71% of data breaches occur at companies with less than 100 employees.

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Huge Fines

Privacy-related fines could be huge. Average penalties for a company are about ~$3.6 million.

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Costs and Continuous Protection

On average, each website has anywhere between 20 to 45 trackers. Keeping track of them is tedious. The external audit is expensive and goes stale pretty quickly.

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Brand Risk

Loss of customer trust could result in a 53% decrease in revenue.

Powered using the latest Machine learning, Natural Language processing techniques and 2000+ device emulators
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